We're Zac - Katie - Fox - Grizzly. 2+ Years ago we left our busy life and careers in CA to seek a better life for our 2 boys. Our journey has led us to building a Tent home that we live in full time, while we focus on living life to the fullest as a family. We are not perfect, trust me, but we strive to show the beautiful moments that can be had when careers and money take a back seat, and family becomes the number one priority.

Checkout our tiny home video tour, and get a glimpse into our life!



Living healthy has always been a big part of our families life, and essential oils have been a flawless addition to keeping us and our little ones healthy. Along with helping providing for us financial while on the road, oils are a huge part of our lives.

If you have any questions about Oils and how to use them, or interest in learning how Oils can provide an income for your family, you can follow us on our Oil Instagram and message us there, or reach out to Katie by phone 562-221-0004. She's like the Severus Snape of oils.


4 Years ago if you told us we'd be making a living off making lights for that Etsy shop we just started, we wouldn't have believed you. Since then we've had the honor of being featured in Hotels, Restaurants, and countless homes across the globe. It's nothing short of a miracle gifted by God. we can honestly do nothing at this point besides give him thanks for supporting our family through thick and thin.

You can view all of our Lighting and Home decor Here


We believe that everyone one has a purpose and God wants to use you where you are. We believe we were brought into the tiny living community for a reason. We honestly don't know if its just to help 1 person, or maybe hundreds but either we want to do our part to better those in need or those that just need a friend out there. life sucks, its hard, and sometimes theres more bad than good in it. Most of us have some one to fall back on, Friends, Family, a spouse, but some of us don't. So what can we do for those people? Something we can all do right where we are is pray for each other. That answer seems so cliche, but i think we all highly under estimate the power of prayer. in an effort to make that a possibility, we've started a prayer group. A simple group of being real and asking each other for help about real life situations. If you need prayer or simply have the ability to pray for other, join here